[Marxism] Whatever Became Of What's-His-Name, The Radical?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 2 20:56:34 MDT 2008

>Unfortunately, while lots of us try in our own ways to spread socialist
>consciousness, whether it be through election campaigns (Green Party or
>otherwise), blogs, organizing, demonstrating, public speaking, 
>publishing, and
>on and on, objectively speaking none of those methods have been all that
>successful. None qualify as more than a kiddie car in the "vehicle" 

I think the real possibility for the Green Party existed with the 
Nader-LaDuke campaign. I was at the Felt Forum in 2000 when Nader 
spoke and every seat was filled. Nader got 2.74% of the vote that 
year. This was really the high point of the Greens and everything 
went downhill after that. There was a *qualititative* difference 
between the Green campaign for president that year and all the 
small-scale efforts by the socialist left. In fact I want to correct 
myself. The real value of the Greens is not spreading socialist or 
even anti-capitalist ideas. It was instead the possibility that a 3rd 
party not controlled by the big bourgeoisie could begin to develop a 
mass base in the USA. This was much more of a threat than a Howie 
Hawkins speech. Even if Nader's ideas were not that radically 
different from Kucinich's, the fact that he was challenging the 
2-party system was critical. That is why the corporate lawyers from 
the Democratic Party went after him in 2004. That is also the reason 
that creeps like Medea Benjamin and Ted Glick did everything in their 
power to drive Nader away from the Greens and anybody who supported 
him. This is real politics as opposed to the sandbox variety of the 
socialist left. 

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