[Marxism] Whatever Became Of What's-His-Name, The Radical?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 2 20:09:00 MDT 2008

>Couldn't the same argument be made for the Democratic Party, following
>this line of reasoning? After all, their campaigns are better funded
>and reach more people than those of the GPUS.... and Kucinich's ideas
>were "laudatory"(well,  I think you mean "laudable") in the same sense
>as GPUS' could be.

Sayan, are you asking this question just to waste time? There have 
probably been over 100,000 words on this list dealing with the very 
question of the differences between the Democrats and the Green 
Party. Now some people don't think that there are any real 
differences, but at least try to show some awareness of the terms of 
the debate.

This list was not made for you to function like the dormouse in the 
Mad Hatter's tea party, after all. 

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