[Marxism] John Pilger On Obama

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Tue Jun 3 12:34:00 MDT 2008

Eli wrote:

Actually it's worse than that, because the great liberal hope has in fact 
more than a whisper IN FAVOR OF this foreign policy


Couldn't agree more. Pilger's excellent piece, yet another from this 
exemplary journalist, illustrates the folly of leftists in the US throwing their 
weight behind the Democrats.

Surely the task should be to remove the scales from the eyes of the US 
working class and minorities as to the of what Gore Vidal described as a 'one party 
state with two right wings.'

I particularly liked this segment from Pilger's article:

'Kennedy assiduously exploited the electoral power of delusion among people 
hungry for politics that represented them, not the rich.

"These people love you," I said to him as we left Calexico, California, where 
the immigrant population lived in abject poverty and people came like a great 
wave and swept him out of his car, his hands fastened to their lips."Yes, 
yes, sure they love me," he replied. "I love them!" 

I asked him how exactly he would lift them out of poverty: just what was his 
political philosophy? "Philosophy? Well, it's based on a faith in this country 
and I believe that many Americans have lost this faith and I want to give it 
back to them, because we are the last and the best hope of the world, as 
Thomas Jefferson said."

"That's what you say in your speech. Surely the question is: How?""How . . . 
by charting a new direction for America.

"The vacuities are familiar. Obama is his echo. Like Kennedy, Obama may well 
"chart a new direction for America" in specious, media-honed language, but in 
reality he will secure, like every president, the best damned democracy money 
can buy.'

Obama has spent the entire round of primaries spouting the same platitudes 
and slogans shorn of all meaning and any substance. Amazing to think that a man 
may very well be elected president of the world's sole hyperpower on the back 
of a script befitting a political Willy Loman.



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