[Marxism] The sad and contradictory life of Wilfred Burchett

Ozleft Ozleft at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jun 3 21:08:12 MDT 2008

The avuncular figure of Wilfred Burchett was important in the political 
processes of 1956 and the Vietnam antiwar movement. The Australian 
Literary Review today carries an important article by Mark Aarons, 
who from my point of view is a political opponent, as part of the push 
to drive the labour movement to the right and particularly an apostle of 
the reactionary proposition that union influence should be removed from 
the Labor Party. I am his bitter opponent on those questions.

I’m reasonably sure that that a combination of the unions and the Labor 
rank and file will defeat Aarons and others like him on those questions, 
but the struggle continues.

Nevertheless, Aarons’s lengthy article about Burchett is a valuable 
contribution to socialist history. Aarons, due to his family 
connections, is very well-placed to know the story he recounts about 
Burchett. The article is a useful introduction to part of the literature 
about Burchett.

Full: http://tinyurl.com/6edcpu

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