[Marxism] Clinton open to being Obama's VP

Dan Russell proletariandan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 08:53:07 MDT 2008

I walked into the cafeteria at work this morning to see Obama celebrating
his victory with the Zionists at AIPAC...disappointing but not the least

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 9:38 AM, Néstor Gorojovsky <nmgoro at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yesterday night, some friend of mine commented on the possibility that
> HRC actually became Obama's VP by saying that if he were Obama, he
> would begin wearing two full-body armored vests, one on the other, and
> an armored cask with a narrow window for the eyes, covered with
> bullet-proof glass.
> Don't know if worth it, but anyway I found it funny and send it to all of
> you.
> 2008/6/4, Mark Lause <markalause at gmail.com>:
> > Reading between the lines, there is an implicit assumption in Walter's
> >  posts that these developments are matters that should be of concern to
> >  us.  My guess is that Walter's laying the foundations for being struck
> >  on the road to Damascus with a Democratic blindness, but I really
> >  don't know....
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