[Marxism] McKinney & Nader

Shawn Redden wsredden at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 15:26:38 MDT 2008

I agree with you, and this is exactly my point.

The ABB, Nation-liberal left who 'recognizes' 
Nader but not McKinney - the kind who 'respect' 
the work he's done for all these years but wish 
he'd not be a 'spoiler' - are the very people who 
boost his 'name recognition' numbers.  But 
they'll NEVER vote for him.  In fact, his 
'recognition' to them could very well decrease 
his vote total.

C-Mac's campaign represents something new that - 
even her absolute numbers are smaller - 
represents the embryonic power of a true working 
class movement that Nader's Presidential runs no 
longer do.


At 9:37 PM +0200 6/4/08, David Picón Álvarez wrote:
>From: "Shawn Redden" <wsredden at gmail.com>
>>I agree with Comrade Mage on the issue of 'name recognition' when comparing
>>  Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney but I disagree on the implications one
>>  can
>>  distill from it and strongly feel that we can't let this criteria
>>  determine
>>  who receives our support.  One cannot draw too much from Nader's 'name
>>  recognition' considering that it is more than offset by the open hostility
>>  felt towards him by a group who considered themselves his political
>>  fellow-travelers at one point but who will never vote for him under any
>>  circumstances.  Much of his name recognition equates him, however falsely,
>>  as the saboteur of the 2000 elections for the progressive prince, Al Gore.
>But come now, people who think all progressive votes should go to the
>Democrats are hardly going to vote for anyone but the Democrat nomenee,
>especially when, like it or not, it is a charismatic and well-sold
>personality to many people on the left-wing of the Dems.

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