[Marxism] Obama seen as a "Socialist"? was Re: The Age of Oprah - Cultural Icon For the

Pance Stojkovski pance at rogers.com
Wed Jun 4 18:32:51 MDT 2008

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Mike Friedman
> Totally to the contrary, "if the general public 
> really thinks that Obama is a socialist" and, 
> believing this, votes for him, then we have a
> tremendous opening.

I agree with what you say above. But my original comment had to do with a
different interpretation of Christine's comment. I took it as red-baiting
Janice Peck (and the Black Agenda website). Look at Christine's definition
of socialism - "the most pro-government socialist" - is that what real
socialists think of socialism - being "pro-government"?  Or is that the
definition of socialism by a very closed-minded conservative?

All I was trying to say was that if people define socialism as being
"pro-government" and the height of this socialism is embodied in Obama - we
have a really long way to Marxist socialism. But this is slightly off-topic.

I think the main point is that the original interview is very good -
defining neoliberlism in the context of Oprah and pop-culture. 


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