[Marxism] Obama seen as a "Socialist"? was Re: The Age of Oprah - Cultural Icon For the

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Wed Jun 4 15:33:21 MDT 2008

> Not really, because, Obama is not a socialist, and cannot deliver
> so if people vote for him thinking they're going to get socialism, and then
> Obama does what he will most likely do, carry forward a bourgeois
> people will think that is what socialism is, and be disappointed in it.
> a form of brand dilusion, so to speak.
> --David.

Nope. Think about it. Socialism is BAD, EVIL. If people ***in this
country*** (do you live in the U.S.? Europe is way different, in terms of
political culture, where the social dems have given another meaning to
socialism in practice) vote for a candidate wearing that label, it would
suggest they have an idea of what socialism stands for. If Obama doesn't
come through, they would not necessarily throw out the baby with the
bathwater, but search for "the real deal". The fact that a majority would
knowingly  -- at least vaguely -- vote for socialism, and Obama's likely
trajectory, would create an opportunity to present that "real deal", or at
least to explain further what socialists stand for. However, this is very
iffy, given that I don't really think that "the general public" actually
identify Obama as a socialist, nor do I think a majority would support
Obama if they really think he is a socialist. At this stage, the only ones
who use that label are on the conservative right. I was merely responding
to Pance's generalization with another one.

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