[Marxism] Nader, McKinney, etc.

Shawn Redden wsredden at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 19:18:25 MDT 2008

Nobody ever said it wasn't a consideration.  Otherwise, La Riva or 
Jared Bell or Mumia would be the best choice.  It becomes a problem 
when it's a factor that eclipses all others.

There's a balance to be struck and a basic realization that unless 
bourgeois elections serve as a vehicle to develop the people's 
consciousness, they are a waste of time.  Through her name 
recognition, her core constituency, and the potential of her campaign 
to develop something with a life span that goes beyond the next 5 
months, McKinney's candidacy has relevance that transcends her 

It's the JOB of her campaign to raise her name recognition and 
patiently explain its relevance.  That may not happen overnight. 
But, ESPECIALLY under an Obama administration that continually 
betrays those who have most vocally supported it, it will happen so 
long as it has the institutional strength to persevere.


At 7:01 PM -0400 6/4/08, Mark Lause wrote:
>Obviously, name recognition IS a MAJOR CONSIDERATION in terms of
>getting out our message, whether we like it or not.
>If it's irrelevant, we would be talking about someone like Jared Bell
>rather than former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

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