[Marxism] Obama seen as a "Socialist"? was Re: The Age of Oprah - Cultural Icon For the

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Wed Jun 4 16:01:50 MDT 2008

From: "Mike Friedman" <mikedf at amnh.org>
> Nope. Think about it. Socialism is BAD, EVIL. If people ***in this
> country*** (do you live in the U.S.? Europe is way different, in terms of
> political culture, where the social dems have given another meaning to
> socialism in practice) vote for a candidate wearing that label, it would
> suggest they have an idea of what socialism stands for. If Obama doesn't
> come through, they would not necessarily throw out the baby with the
> bathwater, but search for "the real deal". The fact that a majority would
> knowingly  -- at least vaguely -- vote for socialism, and Obama's likely
> trajectory, would create an opportunity to present that "real deal", or at
> least to explain further what socialists stand for. However, this is very
> iffy, given that I don't really think that "the general public" actually
> identify Obama as a socialist, nor do I think a majority would support
> Obama if they really think he is a socialist. At this stage, the only ones
> who use that label are on the conservative right. I was merely responding
> to Pance's generalization with another one.

Hmm, I suppose you have a point. I read a reasonable amount of US political 
articles, but that's not the same as living there and experiencing a culture 
which considers socialism almost a curse word. In that context, the majority 
voting for what they identify (rightly or wrongly) as socialism, would 
indeed be some kind of progress. That said I agree with you that most people 
don't think of Obama as a socialist, and the right seems to think everyone 
on the left of themselves is a council communist in disguise. (Assuming they 
knew what council communism was :-))


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