[Marxism] Clinton open to being Obama's VP

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 16:57:10 MDT 2008

If the Green Party doesn't deserve support because it blew the
opportunities it had after 2000, what about the Socialist Party which
blew opportunity after opportunity over the previous EIGHTY YEARS to
build and maintain an independent political party of working people?

Now, I wouldn't rule out supporting an SP candidate, but there is ONE
PARAMOUNT DUTY to anyone serious about independence political action
in the United States: the promotion of the largest possible attempt to
have an impact.  People are rightly critical of Nader or the Greens
for failing to do this.

The Socialist Party never even thought itself under any obligation to
try...  Not any more than the Peace and Freedom or the Socialist
Workers or the Socialist Labor or the Vegetarian Labor Parties....
The lot of them have acted with no regard for building anything other
than themselves.  At the end of the entire campaign, they'll claim so
many additional hundred subscribers to their paper or visitors to
their forums and pat themselves on the back with a hearty claim of a

But why would any people who aren't already members of their specific
club give them any serious consideration?


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