[Marxism] Why a Cultural Boycott of Israel is Needed

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Thu Jun 5 01:40:15 MDT 2008

At  what point does rhetoric stop and effective action begin? For 
Palestinians,  decades of dialogue and supposed peace overtures have proved fruitless, 
only  serving to protect the status quo: sixty years of continual dispossession, 
forty  years of occupation, and a systematic repudiation of international and 
 humanitarian law. The situation for Palestinians will not improve without  
constructive movement forward—which rejects collusion with the Israeli  
government by exercising boycott, divestment and sanctions (known as  BDS). 
During the 1980’s,  BDS of South Africa included a cultural boycott whereby 
musicians and artists  from around the world were prohibited from performing in 
the apartheid state.  
In addition to internationally supporting the subjugated black population,  
this policy was instituted to express that no real dialogue—economic, academic, 
 or cultural—could take place in concert with the atrocities of apartheid. 
With  regard to Israel, the implementation of international BDS is but one 
necessary  measure to shift the balance away from the oppressor and help place it 
in the  hands of the oppressed.  
It is imperative  to note that a cultural boycott is not aimed at 
individuals, but rather  institutions and a state. Frequently, Israelis travel the world 
and speak out  against their nation’s policies, and many support a full 
cultural and academic  boycott. A cultural boycott does not hinder the prospects for 
peace; rather it  serves to empower conscientious Israelis and Palestinians, 
and provides the  international community with a viable non-violent solution 
to the current  impasse. 
full -- _http://counterpunch.org/kanazi06042008.html_ 

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