[Marxism] Need Official English Translation for Marx Letter to Danielson

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The following is the English version  of  the reference  you  are looking for:

However the course of this crisis may develop itself--although most
important to observe in its details for  the student of capitalistic
production and the  professional theoricien--it will pass over, like
its predecessors, and initiate a new 'industrial cycle' with all its
diversified phases  of prosperity, etc.

Marx and Engels Collected Works, Vol: 45, Progress Publishers, Moscow
(1991), p. 355


London, !0 April 1879
 (Here the  date of letter is 10 April 1879, not 19 September 1879 as
you mention .)

The word theoricien , a  French word, is italicised in the above quotation.

Nasir Khan

On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Angelus Novus
<fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am currently translating a text that makes reference
> to a letter written from Marx to his Russian
> translator Danielson in 1879, in which Marx states the
> following:
> "Wie sich nun diese Krise auch entwickeln mag – deren
> detaillierte Beobachtung für den Erforscher der
> kapitalistischen Produktion und für den
> professionellen Theoretiker freilich von höchster
> Wichtigkeit ist –, sie wird wie ihre Vorgängerinnen
> vorübergehen und einen neuen >industriellen Zyklus<
> mit all seinen verschiedenen Phasen von Prosperität
> usw. einleiten."
> My translation would be:
> "However the present crisis might develop - a detailed
> observation of it is admittedly of paramount
> importance for the investigator of capitalist
> production and the professional theoretician - it
> will, likes its predecessors, blow over and usher in a
> new "industrial cycle" with all of its various phases
> of prosperity, etc."
> However, I prefer to use the "official" translations
> available to most English speakers in the Marx-Engels
> Collected Works, but I do not have those volumes, and
> the letter in question (19 September, 1879).  The
> original German MEW source is Volume 34, page 372.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
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