[Marxism] Clinton open to being Obama's VP

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 13:15:27 MDT 2008

Eli perspicaciously noted: "Obama
is now sporting an American flag pin on his lapel, one tiny but not totally
insignificant piece of evidence that he'll remain firmly within the fold of the
American political establishment."

I thank Eli for straightening us out on that one. Not having seen a
post from him denouncing Obama for several days, I had begun to ask
myself whether Eli, Ruthless, et al had been going soft on the
Democrats. Fueling my dread further, I remembered I hadn't seen a
single useless post by Walter all week.

But then I reminded myself that another explanation is that I hadn't
looked at any posts on the list for most of a week, for reasons having
to do with my currently living in a cheap motel after my nomal abode
decided to do an incredible simulation of the inside of Noah's ark, if
it had sprung a leak.

And thereby saw that all is well with the world.


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