[Marxism] Nader and Peak Oil

David Walters dave.walters at comcast.net
Thu Jun 5 16:35:38 MDT 2008

"Ralph Nader has made the U.S. gasoline crisis a central axis of his
2008 presidential campaign."

Personally I'm totally underwhelmed by Nader's rather grade school understanding
of energy issues, but this one particular article was good.

"Frankly, although he is completely vague about it, and I have little
doubt his concrete measures (if any!) will defend and benefit
bourgeois interests, Obama is much, much closer to the mark when he
HONESTLY tells people there is no real solution to the gasoline crisis
except for developing alternative energy sources and breaking "our"
(the United States's) "petroleum addiction."

Actually, this was Bush's message in his next to last State of the Union address. 
Of course he meant it DISHONESTLY but the message was the same, if I remember (I KNOW! 
I actually listened to it).

So....JB...you getting like Obama, very flowery words, little substance. So...'values'???
Care to elaborate? Besides adopting the terminology of the last Republican primary battle 
I'm sure you have something more in mind and relatively more progressive. Care to share?


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