[Marxism] Rock In Chinese

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Thu Jun 5 10:24:58 MDT 2008

In his review of "Heavy Metal in Baghdad", Lou mentioned the magazine 
"Vice". I found an interview there with China's "father of rock and roll":

*One thing we don’t get is how come you don’t see more Chinese influence 
in the world? The country is completely huge, but everything that comes 
out of it seems like it’s just aping the West. I mean, you’re making 
rock ’n’ roll in Chinese, which is cool and everything, but is there 
really anything that “Chinese” about it?*

You’re asking some very sensitive questions, but I want to answer you 
because I think this is something people are beginning to talk about. 
People here like to separate things into two clear, separate sides. One 
is Chinese and traditional, and the other is Western, more modern and 

A lot of times it seems like China is behind economically and 
politically and it’s hard to figure out why. We could be so much more. I 
think the first thing we need as a nation is to have more self-respect. 
Confucius totally destroyed Chinese culture. He’s the worst thing that 
ever happened to China. Young people need to wake up and stop believing 
in Confucius. Don’t listen to him—he’s an old guy who was born over 2000 
years ago. He may have said something that was OK for his time, but not 
for now. China has old traditions and a great culture, but this doesn’t 
mean that they necessarily make any sense. Something went wrong along 
the way, because we lost our creativity. Young people today have a lot 
more freedom. They listen to western music, but they still don’t create. 
They just listen and then copy.

I think it’s a lot like taking care of fish. If you want a fish to live, 
you need fresh water, but if you change the water too quickly the fish 
will also die. Chinese culture is like a lake in which the water is not 
really clean, but the fish are still alive. And Western culture is like 
the fresh water. Some fish will swim into it and think “ I like this,” 
“I can look good,” “I can look like a model,” “I can live like I’ve 
dreamed,” but the fish might end up looking like a model while they’re 
half dead.

Full: http://www.viceland.com/int/v15n3/htdocs/fuck_confucious.php

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