[Marxism] capitalism, mma

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 18:43:49 MDT 2008

Thanks for the post, David.

I generally agree that if the rules are in place, MMA
could be a way to learn an art with others.

However, like boxing, it will be used for venal gain
and result in serious injury for a significant number
of fighters.  Look what happened to Muhammed Ali.

I recently joined a studio that teaches Krav Maga
(Israeli combat system) to re-learn something
practical and to get back into shape.  I opted for a
group class because I'd be much more motivated to
exercise with fellow students, learning practical
skills, than I was just interacting with machines. 
Unfortunately, however, capitalist alienation has
poked its head into my plans.

The problem is that the classes are based on go as
fast and hard as you can in an hour.  Plus, there's
this really bad krautrock that the Romanian instructor
plays for much of that hour.  Not conincidentally, the
hour long fast and hard approach allows the studio
owners to schedule as many classes as possible for
maximum profit.

The other problem with the classes is that they are
taught from the perspective of hard core self defense
rather than getting into shape, socializing and
learning some practical self defense.  However, a more
leisurely, social buch of classes would preclude
maximizing the number of classes and revenue.  I can
see someone wanting to be well trained, but I still
think that the studio pushes too hard and too soon.

A few months ago I was late for the KM class, so I
went to the MMA class bec of my background in
wrestling and judo.  We didn't really stretch
beforehand, although we did do warm-up exercises. 
Then we did some practice scrimmage- my usual partner
is a retired semi-pro who outweighs me by at least 80
lbs.  Well, after a couple of sessions, I pulled a
muscle in my shoulder and was off on injury for two

Anyway, I'd like to go to the nice lesbian karate dojo
to take it easy, at least to start, but I signed a
damn contract, so I have to go back to the bad

I'm also 40 this year and not into the machismo and
ego and chopsocky chuck norrisness of it- I just want
to lose weight, get in shape, learn something
practical at a reasonable pace and increase my level
of sexiness.  Too much to ask for the serious MMAers,
I guess.



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