[Marxism] Clinton open to being Obama's VP

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Jun 5 17:51:47 MDT 2008

Look, Clinton is just another DP politician, brighter & more competent
than some, less bright & competent than other; about the same degree of
ruthlessness. And of course as willing to commit mass murder as any DP
presidential candidate, past or present, a war criminal of course.

But almost all the criticisms that focus on her _personally_, whether
from RP, other DPs or marxists, reek of sexism, resentment of a pushy
woman. They become offensive. Were she male there would be just as much
negative criticism, but it would not have the same reek, it would not
see him as somehow nastier personally, regardless of how many traits he
shared with her. I might add, that most personal criticisms of Obama
(who is also just another DP politician and war criminal) tend to focus
on his competence or probable competence. That is racist.


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