[Marxism] capitalism, mma

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 20:20:58 MDT 2008

Yeah, I'm kind of dubious about the whole martial arts
thing.  I like the practicality and exercise of it,
but there's too much machismo and a lot of potential
for injury.  And a lot of the instructors are right
wing a-holes.

The thing I like about Krav Maga is that it's very
practical and doesn't come with the mystical bs. 
Plus, much of the class is mexican or philipino-
they're generally pretty cool, not really right wing.
There are some Jewish and slavic right wing a-holes,
but they're a minority.  Still, the macho thing is
definitely there.  I just wish most of them would
chill out, be more social, but the way the classes are
structured with maximum macho in minimum time, that's
not going to happen.  

Re jujitsu: saw an interesting episode of that show
where those two guys go around training in various
martial arts.  Apparently, the Japanese tested jujitsu
vs judo and judo won out pretty decisively.  Don't ask
me the details, I'm no expert on the two forms, but
the episode made an impression.  

Now that I think about it, I think the point was that
jujitsu was created for knights who came down off
their horses, as a series of moves towards a killing
blow, often involving the dagger.  Judo took jujitsu
and revamped it with moves and technique that took
into account modern streetlife, police work.  Perhaps
Brazilian jujitsu is a modern reworking of trad Jpnse
jujitsu to make it more like judo?  I don't really

When I lived in Japan, my university sponsor was a
member of the JCP and was pretty disdainful of the
major martial arts schools- a lot of those a-holes
used to go around doing goon work for the ruling party
against leftists in the 60s.

Funny story: I drop in on Japan Day at a Buddhist
temple here and they're doing a demo of Kendo (like
Japanese fencing with lacquer armor, bamboo swords). 
The announcer is getting all mystical and there's the
oriental music playing in the background, the two
fighters are doing the whole Steven Segal, cool face
off thing....some working class Black guy happens to
walk past, checks out the scene and yells, "Beat his
assz!"  I was dyin'......



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