[Marxism] Clinton open to being Obama's VP

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 18:54:09 MDT 2008

Not to make too big a deal of the flag pin incident, since it was pretty much a 
throwaway observation on my part, but I will go one more round:

Ruthless: "What is your *substantive* reaction to the pin-wearing incident? Your
response was heavy on sarcasm but thin on substance."

JB "Well, that IS my substantive reaction.

"As for the details, at an event a few weeks ago, a veteran who was
having a hard time getting medical care asked Obama if he would wear
the pin as a show of support to people like him. Obama said he would,
and he has. If you know more about it than that, please let us know."

JB, who is evidently a real political junkie and on top of that works for a news 
network, may know about this, but I seriously doubt many others do. I just did a 
quick search at THE site for Democratic Party junkies, Daily Kos, and couldn't 
find any reference to it.

In short, outside of the 50 people who are aware of what JB writes, the rest of 
the world sees exactly one thing when they see a flag pin on Obama's lapel - a 
concession to the jingoist, "America-first," "let's kick some foreign ass and 
get some revenge" attitude that has pervaded the ruling class of the country 
since 9/11 when the flag pins came out of the closet. Obama is no dummy. He 
knows very well that when people see that pin, they aren't thinking it's a show 
of support for medical care for wounded veterans, rather they're thinking "we've 
got to prevail over Iran and and all those other 'enemies' of ours."

No, the pin isn't REMOTELY as significant as Obama's actual STATEMENTS on 
subjects like Iran, but it is definitely of a piece with them. And it is very 
definitely, as I said, "one tiny but not totally insignificant piece of evidence 
that he'll remain firmly within the fold of the American political 
establishment." And, I should have added, that message is directed not at the 
American people in general, and certainly not at us, who are well aware of that, 
but at the ruling class itself, to show that yes, he is indeed prepared to do 
their bidding, and they can be comfortable with him in charge. And just as he is 
slowly backing away from the idea of talking with those "enemies" (Hamas, 
Ahmadinejad), putting on the pin is just one more signal of that intent.

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