[Marxism] FRSO: 2008 Presidential Elections: Defeat McCain

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 19:44:49 MDT 2008

I wrote:
>Also, I'm not at all persuaded that his [Obama's] election will be better for
>the movement, as the statement asserts.

To which Ruthless Critic of All that Exists
<ok.president+marxml at gmail.com> wrote
> Elaborate, please?

I think the responsibility of elaborating falls to the authors of the
Freedom Road statement who asserted that it would.  They didn't give
any reasons, and seemed to assume that it was self-evident, I guess.

Just a few observations, though...

I think that the campaign raised a shitstorm of racist sentiment among
Democrats and we're now moving towards a broader election.  As I've
suggested, the GOP machines are going to do everything but put on
clean sheets before its over.  In and of itself, none of this will do
the movement good.

During the Democratic nomination fight, the standard was that Obama
himself responded and very poorly overall.  Even when he took a stab
at trying to discuss race and racial anger, he ended up retreating
apologetically, as he has on almost any hint of an advanced,
progressive stance he's taken.

Related, while his election could raise expectations, as did JFK's in
1960, there isn't really now a nationally coherent, fighting civil
rights movement to boot him in the ass.

The problem is that so many things can happen between now and then,
and the real impact of Obama's campaign, his presidency, and his
entire career are in the hands of those who've bankrolled his campaign
and those who are employed as his "bi-partisan" political and media


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