[Marxism] From the annals of science

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jun 6 09:40:27 MDT 2008

Henry Louis Gates: You were quoted [in the Times of London article ] as 
saying you thought there was a relationship between color and libido, or 
sex drive.

James Watson: The remark I was telling was a joke. There was a poem by 
Byron, the sun makes you frisky. It was the link between the sun and 
sexuality. Well, if you get out in the sun, you will be more sexual. Ten 
years ago, someone was trying to produce a product that would turn your 
skin dark. He was making a chemical derivative of a stimulating hormone, 
which is turned out when your skin tans. He injected it into himself and 
he got a 10-hour erection.

HLG: Is that true? A 10-hour erection from this?

JW: He was scared it would never go down. But it had to be injected. 
Then Viagra came out, and the whole market disappeared. Anyways, I 
thought it was a great theory. It could have all been totally wrong. 
Poets write about the sun, and you associate sexuality with the 
Mediterranean—not the North Sea. I'm a biologist. I'm just interested in 
different things. But you know, I really am a very un-frivolous person, 
but I like to explain. If the sun makes you sexy, you know, it would be 
a useful fact for people to know.

full: http://www.theroot.com/id/46680

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