[Marxism] Nader, McKinney, etc.

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On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 12:10 AM, Linda Jansen <jansen.l12 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> He preaches change but supports the status quo. He's beholden to power as a
>> stealth DLC member that's essential for any Democrat aspirant. It makes him
>> gallingly disingenuous, deceitful to voters, and "safe" for corporate
>> supporters who back him. He says individual donors supply most of his
>> funding, that he gets none of it from lobbyists, and that they won't crowd
>> out working Americans if he's elected.
>> In fact, big money owns him. He raises over $1 million a day. Wall Street
>> lords love him. So do corporate law firms; other finance, insurance and real
>> estate interests; the health industry; communications and electronics firms;
>> various other businesses; and the Center for Responsive Politics reports
>> that his top five donors are corporate lobbyists - the same ones he claims
>> to take no money from.

Odd...Univ of California is a "corporate lobbyist"?

Can universities even give money to candidates like this?  Something
seems strange here....

This table lists the top donors to this candidate (Obama) in the 2008
election cycle.

Goldman Sachs 	$571,330
University of California 	$437,236
UBS AG 	$364,806
JPMorgan Chase & Co 	$362,207
Citigroup Inc 	$358,054
National Amusements Inc 	$320,750
Lehman Brothers 	$318,647
Google Inc 	$309,514
Harvard University 	$309,025
Sidley Austin LLP 	$294,245
Skadden, Arps et al 	$270,013
Time Warner 	$262,677
Morgan Stanley 	$259,876
Jones Day 	$250,725
Exelon Corp 	$236,211
University of Chicago 	$218,857
Wilmerhale LLP 	$218,680
Latham & Watkins 	$218,615
Microsoft Corp 	$209,242
Stanford University 	$195,262

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