[Marxism] The danger of a new imperialist war

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Sat Jun 7 01:45:32 MDT 2008

  Last Wednesday  Prime Minister of Israel  Ehud Olmert  who like most politicians in Israel under police investigation for corruption ,    sitting before  . President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and deputy advisers David Welch and Elliot Abrams, begged for his political life. He tried to convince  them that they have no reason to be worried about  his  political fate and that his survival is in their best interest.  At the same time he  tried to persuade  them that a military attack on Iran is in their best  interests. Since 2002, every Prime Minister in Israel  visiting the White house has come with the same message. "In another six months, Iran will cross the technological threshold." and be.. able to produce nuclear weapons.  It was the same this time as well. American imperialism  does not doubt Olmert's loyalty, he showed it in the last barbaric war against Lebanon. However the white house is not
 convinced in light of the results of  US occupation of Iraq and their situation in Afghanistan  coupled with the military failures of the Zionist state, that opening a new military front is in the best interest of the American riling class. That it is not much for them to reach a deal with Tehran. One indication of it is that in spite of more legislation against Iran in the American  Congress these new laws have  not been  enforced and no American company is barred from trading with Iran. To make things worse for Olmert,  White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Friday that the United States was committed to solving the Iranian nuclear threat through diplomatic multilateral means. This declaration was made in direct response to Israeli Transportation Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Mofaz who  according to the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth declared on Thursday that  "if Iran continues with its program for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are
  In other words the message to the Israeli ruling class' following Olmert's visit  is if you want to go to a war against Iran you are on your own.
   The Zionist  rulers of the Israeli imperialist state created by settler colonies stealing the entire land of the Palestinians are worried of the growing  influence of Iran's theocratic Shiite regime in  the Middle East. In the past US could rely on the military force of Iraq under the regime of  Saddam Hussein, to  contend  this influence. However the American imperialists destroyed this force and  today ironically enough  the local government under the American-British occupation  in  Iraqi state is led by a coalition of Shiite parties who are  influenced by the Iranian regime.
  For this reason the American ruling class is split over the question how to deal with Iran. While some sections of the US imperialists want to attack Iran, others want to come to terms with Iran and use it in the same way they used Iraq before they destroyed Saddam regime. To control the region and exploit the workers and the rich oil resurces. .
   However, if the Israeli state will begin such a war it is not likely that the US will allow Israel to be defeated by  Iran. In response to the Imperialist pressures, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad  who has denied that Iran is building nuclear weapons ,has made many times the point that Iran has  "inalienable right" to produce nuclear energy. He has criticized Western governments for trying to create an "apartheid" system in peaceful nuclear technology..
  There is no question that the world will be much safer without nuclear  weapons. However short of a working class revolutions that will disarmed the imperialist armies,  these weapons of mass destruction  in the hands of the imperialists including the Israeli state is not only a threat to humanity in general but a means to install political terror in the mind of the oppressed nations and the super exploited working class in the countries of the "third world" Iran included.
  We as Marxists in Israel have a duty to defend  the Palestinians and the Arab and the Iranian masses  against Imperialist attacks and call on the working class movement around the world to side with Iran in a case Israel will attack it . Yes, the Iranian regime is an oppressive and build like any other capitalist mode of production on the exploitation of the working class. However  removing this regime and the state of Iran is the role of the Iranian working class at the head of the masses. The replacement of the existing regime in Iran by the imperialists as we see in Iraq would create a much worse situation for the working class in Iran. 
  The Iranian masses know it as well as they know that   Washington was behind the coup that  removed  the regime of  Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953 and brought back and installed the hated Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
  The solution for the suffering of the working class and the masses in the region is a working class revolution led by the Arab working class in particular in Egypt and the Iranian working class. In this revolutionary struggle the Palestinians masses struggling against the Zionist state for so many years will be in the front line.
  Such a revolution not only will united the region cut artificially by the imperialists by creating the socialist federation of the Middle  East, but part of it will be a Palestinian workers state from the sea to the river. We as Marxist  support only the right of self determination of the oppressed nations and in this country it means the Palestinians. Such a state will not only will return the close to one million refugees and their families who were expelled by the Zionists in 1947-8, but  will free the Israeli Jews living in this country from their role as a military force in the service of imperialism. 
  The Zionist state is a death trap for the Israeli Jews.
  Contrary to the Zionist claim Zionism is not the solution to the Jews it is a mortal enemy for their survival.
  In a Palestinian workers state the Israeli Jews living in this country will have equal democratic rights including the right for cultural autonomy.  

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