[Marxism] Nader, McKinney et al

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 6 21:59:37 MDT 2008


I think the site re funding of candidates is
opensecrets.org or some variation.

Re Nader or McKinney or obscure socialist:  Nader is
polling at 6%, according to the latest poll.  He's
raised something like $700K. He should be on the
ballot in 40 to 45 states. McKinney is struggling to
raise $100K and is nowhere in the polls.  She is being
given 20+ states to start with from the GP lines and
GP activists can only get her on _four_ more after
that.  If you want to contest the war, the budget,
climate catastrophe etc. at the national level, it has
to be with a viable left populist candidate.  I'm
sorry, that's just where we're at, right now.

Pushing the left pop critique further, you could
promote areallyinconvenienttruth.org, Green Left
Weekly articles etc while you support your local Nader

But, to even support your local Nader campaign, Nader
has to be on the ballot.  So, you have to support the
ballot access drives right now.  Speaking of which,
the Nader campaign is looking to pay upwards of $1.50
per signature for the Illinois ballot access drive, so
if you or anyone reliable you know would be
interested, please email me offline.  The deadline to
hand in sigs is June 23 I believe.  The campaign has
25,000 sigs and is looking to get another 25,000 more.





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