[Marxism] Chinese think tank on Cuba: "U.S. must rethink its policies toward Cuba"

sartesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 7 10:00:15 MDT 2008

Not to speak for the moderator, but it is the convergence of China's
actions with Mr. Ratliff's reported conversations that make plausible
the words attributed to those officials in the interview.

Moreover,  whether or not the reported conversations are verbatim, what
Louis was pointing to was the deeply reactionary view attributed to the
Chinese leadership by an avowed deep reactionary and Walter's including
it in a recommended reading least based solely on a perception of
something "good" for Cuba.

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From: "Eli Stephens" <elishastephens at hotmail.com>
You know, Louis, I don't disagree with everything you say here, but for
who thinks so little (and deservedly so) of Ratliff, you certainly give
an awful
lot of credibility (i.e., 100%) to the things he claims various Chinese
told him. Perhaps a little more skepticism would be in order on your

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