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Sat Jun 7 07:03:00 MDT 2008

An online journal focusing on capitalism, climate change,
and the ecosocialist alternative.

WHAT'S NEW at http://www.climateandcapitalism.com
June 1-7, 2008

What Would a Liveable City Look Like?
Today's cities are built and operated to serve the needs of the rich
and powerful rather than those of the working people

The 2nd of May Revolt at the UN Forum on Indigenous Peoples
The United Nations censors indigenous people at a forum for indigenous people…

Cuba: The Food Crisis is Systemic and Structural
Cuban VP speaks to the UN conference on World Food Security

Solidarity with Écosociété! Stop Barrick's Lawsuit!
Freedom of expression under attack: Québec ecological publisher sued
by Barrick Gold to force them into bankruptcy

Terra Preta Forum Demands Justice for Victims of the Food Emergency
A statement from the alternative to the UN conference on World Food Security

Ottawa Overturns Pro-Environment Court Decision in Record Time
Capitalist governments can act quickly when their class interests are at stake

Cuba: The Rich and Powerful Impede Solutions to Hunger
A revolutionary response to the "negligent text" adopted by the UN
conference on World Food Security

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