[Marxism] Charlie Chaplin: "Murder is the logical extension of business"

Ruthless Critic of All that Exists ok.president+marxml at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 23:30:29 MDT 2008

"Monsieur Verdoux," opening Friday for a weeklong run at Film Forum,
is subtitled "A Comedy of Murders," and, as the French critic André
Bazin observed, it turns the Chaplin universe upside down. The
erstwhile tramp is here an honest bank clerk driven to homicide by the
1929 stock market crash. Condemned to death at the movie's end, he
declares his crimes paltry compared with those of Western
civilization: "As a mass killer, I'm an amateur by comparison." [...]

"Von Clausewitz said that war is the logical extension of diplomacy,"
Chaplin told an interviewer. "Verdoux feels that murder is the logical
extension of business." [...]

Full: <http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/08/movies/08hobe.html?ref=movies>

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