[Marxism] In Spain, Water Is a New Battleground

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> NY Times, June 3, 2008
> In Spain, Water Is a New Battleground
> FORTUNA, Spain — Lush fields of lettuce and hothouses of tomatoes line
> the roads. Verdant new developments of plush pastel vacation homes
> beckon buyers from Britain and Germany. Golf courses — dozens of them,
> all recently built — give way to the beach. At last, this hardscrabble
> corner of southeast Spain is thriving.

NY Times
June 7, 2008
Water-Starved California Slows Development

PERRIS, Calif. — As California faces one of its worst droughts in two
decades, building projects are being curtailed for the first time
under state law by the inability of developers to find long-term water
supplies.  [...]

Full: <http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/07/us/07drought.html?em&ex=1213070400&en=ea67aab7561b15f7&ei=5087%0A>

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