[Marxism] More thoughts on Israel's treats against Iran

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Sat Jun 7 22:52:49 MDT 2008

Playing at possible agression scenerios by Israel against Iran got me thinking 
about how the Zionist IDF could accomplish what they want, with or without
US support.  In the last few days there is more and more 'chatter' about a 
possible Israeli strike...or US strike...against Iran.

I noted in an earlier post that the goal of any IDF attack on Iran would be extremely 
surgical...even if the used low yeild nukes and the goal would be to set back, not 
destroy, Iran's nuclear capabilities. 

Israel doesn't possess B-2 or B-52 bombers with which to saturate and area 
with hundreds 1 and 2 ton bombs. They don't possess enough missles to do 
this either. They pocess fighter planes, each capable of carrying about 8000lbs 
of bombs or less; extremely well trained pilots, arial refueling capabilities, AWACS 
area-radar, and kind of what the US has but on a much smaller scale. And they 
got nukes. About 100 nukes.

Looking at various maps...the only coastside 'near-Israel' atomic facilities is the Bushehr 
nuclear power plant, a civilian target that is only tangetially something of a military 
target since it's not really necessary for Iran to use to build their supposed atomic bombs.[Iran, as
of today, is planning to build 19 *more* nuclear power plants to energize it's future
in a sustainable and indigeiously fueled, way].

Israel does have the ability to place a sub right off the coast near Bushehr and 
launch cruise missles topped with nukes to various locations where the Iran's 
public, and suspected 'secret', enrichment facilities exist. All of these are hundreds 
of miles inland but easily reachable by short range sub-launched cruise missiles or 
by way of fighter-bomber based in Israel-friendly Kurdistan. While complicated, 
it's not impossible.

Mossad agents launched from these same subs can also land and attempt to murder 
Iranian technicians and engineeers as a further assualt on Iranian energy soveightry.  
I beleive  Israel is close to doing something like, especially if US continues to delay 
it's own military assault for it's stated goal of conintuned diplomacy.

Possible attack targets, all in urban areas:
#Ishfahen, a medium sized city, has a yellow-cake plant that is the first part of the fuel 
production and enrichment process.
#Arak location of both a heavy-water facility (heavy water is used to produce nuclear
bombs but is also used in heavy-water reactors, like the CANDU developed in Canada.
Arak also has a research reactor that will become active in 2014. It is of the type used
by Pakistan to develop it's first nucelar bomb.
#Lavizan and  Natanz major research facilities and fuel enrichment and research facilities.

One of the very scary scenerios is "Iranian anger unleashed". What Iran would do 
in retaliation not so much against Israel, but against imperialist interests around the 
world. I think the world should be scared about what Israel, in it's arrogence, might 


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