[Marxism] Nader and Peak Oil

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 8 17:20:24 MDT 2008

David Picón Álvarez wrote:

> So you don't think the law of value 
> operates in a capitalist society then? You
>  don't think the bourgeois prices
> represent the exchange value of a
> commodity and are in the main determined
> by the labour content of the commodity? Do
> you also have an alternative to the rest
> of Marxism?

Incremental understanding has some fancy
name, starts with d. Knowledge is mostly

When resources were abundant and labor was
scarce prices did reflect the labor input.
That was the greatest cost.

When resources are scarce and automation
makes labor surplus, price theory becomes
more difficult. Imagine, with robots wages
could tend towards zero.

And, there never will be a scientific price
theory, because prices are set by people and
their hopes, fears, expectations, lack of
knowledge, politics, power, etc.

If people from the future were here to bid up
resource prices on the futures markets what
price theory might come into play?

Don't you feel a need for an upgrade?


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