[Marxism] Would people from the future bid up prices if they were represented now?

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 8 19:58:01 MDT 2008

Don't bother to argue with any price theory 
in particular. Prices will never be an 
adequate guide for planning.

In today's electronic international markets,
with binary purchasing media, with so much 
being produced cheap in one place and sold 
dear elsewhere, prices do get disconnected 
from labor. With lots of middle-men and high 
rates of mark-up and automation it is often 
true that labor costs play little role in price.

Basically the workers aren't paid much at 
all, virtual slaves. One old price theory is 
that prices rise to whatever the market will 
bear. But, now the workers are not the 
buyers, and they don't really get paid.

Even if prices accurately reflected local 
wage costs it would still be unwise to make 
planning decisions only on the basis of prices.

Let me make it clear. Any mechanism that sets
prices will not make following the money
a good idea.

Market believers have an un-targeted Achilles 
heel. Prices will always be an inadequate 
guide for planning, public or private, if the 
future isn't included. Prices are mostly 
about now, and a bit about harvest time. Only 
politics can curb the forget-the-future market.


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