[Marxism] Immigration policy.

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Mon Jun 9 05:36:33 MDT 2008

I recently read this article on what they call "the paradox of immigration". 

"The paradox is that countries attempting to screen immigrants by skill 
level, so that they only get the more skilled ones, end up with an immigrant 
that is less skill-intensive than countries with open immigration.  This 
apparently is a consensus message from the Munich Economic Summit: countries 
like Ireland, the UK, and Spain, which have had major episodes of open 
immigration from EU accession countries and/or general amnesties for non-EU
immigrants have higher proportions of highly qualified immigrants -

For example, 45% of Ireland's foreign-born residents and 34% of Britain's 
have a university degree, compared with only 19% in Germany and 11% in 
Mr. [Hans-Werner] Sinn said."


To be honest, I'm not clear what conclusions to take from this: should open 
immigration be advocated on the grounds that since capital flows are free so 
should labour flows? Should it not be advocated since it causes, in effect, 
a greater "brain drain" from the host countries? On the other hand, 
remitances seem to be very important for some of these economies...


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