[Marxism] Reasoned Debate and the Fear of Reprisal at Harvard -

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Mon Jun 9 06:08:59 MDT 2008

Reasoned Debate and the Fear of Reprisal at Harvard - 

Academic freedom, relatively unfettered by corporate business interests,  is 
one of the last bastions of free speech and inquiry in the US. That is  
precisely why people like Alan Dershowitz and Daniel Pipes, extensively  discussed 
here, intrepidly do their utmost, despite assertions to the contrary,  to 
stifle such activity. No matter one's point of view, the ability to have  
multi-vocal academic discussion is a core activity of a functioning democracy.  In this 
spirit J. LORAND MATORY discusses in detail his own worrying experience  as a 
long time Harvard faculty member. His effort to have the Harvard faculty  
commit itself to fostering a civil dialogue in which people with a broad range  
of perspectives feel safe and are encouraged to express their reasoned and  
evidence-based ideas was tabled by the Faculty of Arts and Science precisely  
because it could allow such reasoned debate about I/P. He goes in to detail on  
censorship occurring to him and others, such as Norman Finklestein, in and  
around the Harvard Campus.

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