[Marxism] Salute to Israel Parade vs. Puerto Rican Day Parade: Some observations

Pat Costello pt_costello at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 04:55:07 MDT 2008

Ruthless Critic wrote: 

"This was probably because in the past the Puerto Rican parade in NYC
has been marred by unruliness and disturbances"


Or perhaps it was because of racism against the Puerto Ricans on one hand
and the official support for Zionism on the other (which is actually just
more racism.)

Do you think Zionists are not capable of unruliness and disturbances? I
have heard stories of people being physically attacked by Zionists but
such reports seldom make it into the media. I dare say I would have feared
for my safety if the Kahane supporters could have read my mind as I passed


"We came to advocate for human rights and support the humanity of millions
of Palestinians who have been made anonymous by military occupation.
Across the street from us they held signs saying "Death to Islam,' "Arabs
Out of Israel," and "Blow Up Arab Camels." This is not surprising, since
the Israeli state that was being 'saluted' was founded 60 years ago upon
the expulsion, and denial of the rights and even the existence of the
Palestinian people. 

Marchers in the parade itself threw obscene gestures and angrily shouted
at Palestinian children present in the demonstration to "burn in hell,"
while the demonstrators stood silently. Members of an anti-Zionist group
of Orthodox Jews were heckled and jeered as they left the protest and had
food thrown at them. 

We were, frankly, appalled at the ugliness we saw on Sunday, so we feel
the need to make a public statement. Our call to action has always been
based on respect for human rights regardless of religion or race, and our
coalition is made up of Arabs, Israelis, Americans and people of Jewish,
Muslim, Christian, and other origins. 

On top of the hatred we witnessed from supporters of Israel, we were also
forced to confront a small group of individuals holding a separate
demonstration within the same physical space as our protest. The group's
signage and chants were racist and vitriolic in nature, and completely
antithetical to Adalah-NY's message of equal justice and universal human
rights. The police refused to place this group in a separate area, despite
our repeated requests. 

At least one supporter of the right-wing Jewish youth group Betar was
detained by police after harassing protesters, as was another man who spit
on a supporter of Palestinian rights.


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