[Marxism] Forwarded message on Stalin movie

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 9 08:40:15 MDT 2008

Indian Telugu language film “Stalin”

The title of this commercial entertainer “Stalin” has nothing much of 
social relevance, except one brilliant scene and a few rare flashes here 
and there.

The lead character, Stalin is the son of a communist revolutionary, who 
leaves his career in military for social work. He tries to take up some 
social causes, but gets dis-heartened after a string of failures and 
poor response from those he wanted to help out. Even his friends advise 
him to go look for a job.

Dejected, he sits under a tree pondering. He happens to witness a 
running race for physically challenged children in a near-by school. 
Once the race starts, the boys surge ahead on their struts, but one boy 
falls down. The winner, who is just about to cross the finish line, on 
hearing the moans of the fallen boy stops in his tracks and turns back. 
Not only he, but all the contestants come back to pick up their fallen 
comrade and reach the finish line together, evoking enthusiastic 
applause from the other physically challenged children of the school.

This recharges the hero and he says this is the only way the deprived 
can achieve success – not by competition but by co-operation. I salute 
the film makers for creating such a beautiful and heart rendering scene.

M Vijaya Kumar

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