[Marxism] WikiLeaks: The Horn of Terror, Secret Deals and Frame Ups from Nairobi to New York

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 9 09:13:53 MDT 2008

Mon Jun  9 14:49:51 GST 2008
Wikileaks Press Release

Extraordinary rendition on the "Horn of Terror", secret agreements, a 
plot to frame Ralia Odinga, Barack Obama, and more.

During the 2007 Presidential election campaigns in Kenya, an 
international furore developed around the existence of a "secret" 
Memorandum of Understanding signed by Raila Odinga (now Prime Minister 
of Kenya) and the National Muslim Leaders' Forum. A forged version of 
this Memorandum of Understanding was in email circulation as of November 
2007 and was released (as such) by Wikileaks.Org on November 14th 2007.

The MoU went on to cause considerable mischief in the December 2007 
Kenyan election and continues, fantastically, to be used to smear US 
Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama (for example, see "The 
Kenyan Connection" in the New York Sun 

At the time WikiLeaks pointed out that "Most of the pledges couldn't be 
met by any presidential candidate as they are inherently 
unconstitutional and would mightily annoy the non-Muslim majority in 
Kenya... The idea behind the smear is to turn a fairly large and 
committed evangelical Christian block against poor Raila, who is often 
accused of ambivalent religious allegiance". However this did not stop 
Kenyan and US proponents of the document deliberately avoiding the 
WikiLeaks analysis by linking directly to the memorandum as opposed to 
the WikiLeaks description page.

WikiLeaks has now received from the Kenyan Human Rights Forum what is 
likely the authentic MoU between Raila Odinga and the NAMLEF. It is 
dated August 29th 2007 and is signed by Raila Odinga and Sheikh Abdulahi 
Abdi the Chairman of NAMLEF. Witnesses to their signatures are Mohamed 
Farouk Adam, Said Athman Mtwana (now a senior civil servant) and Najib 
Balala (now the Minister for Tourism).

The authenticity of this document is also strenghtned by the current 
political climate and a follow up letter from the KMHRF. The letter, 
addressed to Prime Minister Raila Odinga and dated June 5th 2008, 
reminds the Prime Minister of his commitment to NAMLEF regarding over 
100 Kenyans who in January and February 2007 were illegally renditioned, 
including to Guantanamo Bay where one Kenyan (Abdulmalik Mohamed - by 
the admission of US authorities) is still being held.

The KMHRF is now calling Mr. Odinga on his pledges including the pledge 
in clause E (b) (4) which refers to "specific action" including "the 
setting up of a commission to inquire on deliberate schemes and actions 
of the government, its agencies or officers, to target or interfere with 
welfare and social well-being of Muslims in Kenya as citizens including 
renditioning of Kenyans to Somalia, Ethiopia and Guantanamo Bay."

Apparently it was intended that such schemes and actions will be put to 
an end and public officers responsible for the same named and held to 

According to the KMHRF, the publication of the authentic MoU and the 
letter to Prime Minister Raila Odinga is meant to highlight the dilemmas 
faced by the Government of Kenya's in its continued support for the War 
on Terror, and the need to satisfy political demands by supporters of 
members of the Grand Coalition Government that was formed on February 
28th 2008, after the Kenyan elections of December 2007.

In July 2007, the KMHRF published a report on extraordinary renditions 
in East Africa that indicates that over 100 Kenyans have been extracted 
from the country during US operations in collaboration with Kenyan 
authorities. The report contains original copies of passenger manifests 
from Kenyan charter airlines as evidence of renditions in January and 
February 2007.

The report and letter are included in the WikiLeaks archive along with 
the confidential memorandum between the National Muslim Leaders Forum 
and the Priminister.



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