[Marxism] Salute to Israel Parade vs. Puerto Rican Day Parade: Some observations

Shawn Redden wsredden at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 09:44:01 MDT 2008

As is ordinarily the case, those engaged most totally in the disturbance are
the forces of order.  To further corroborate Comrade Costello's point, one
ought to remember last year's insanity in which New York's Finest rounded up
about 200 people on "unlawful assembly" charges due to rumors that the Latin
Kings might be there.


Given the NYPD's policy of rounding up Black and Brown people on a whim, it
must have been like shooting fish in a barrel!

You've got to love it when one of the most reprehensible and vile criminal
organizations on the planet locks people up on anonymous allegations of
potentially committing thought crime.  Then again, I'm sure they would have
taken similar measures if there were rumors of Ariel Sharon's half-dead but
still wholly genocidal self making a surprise appearance.


On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Ruthless Critic of All that Exists <
ok.president+marxml at gmail.com <ok.president%2Bmarxml at gmail.com>> wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Pat Costello <pt_costello at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > On the other hand, the Puerto Rican Day was interrupted often by
> cross-town traffic. Barricades and police were everywhere, much more so than
> at the Israel Day parade.
> > Police on horseback were conspicuous.  Spectators were absolutely
> prohibited from
> > crossing the barricades. No Puerto Rican flags adorned public property.
> One had the
> > sense that the security was there to protect the city from the parade.
> The crowd was very
> > working class and obviously latino.
> >
> > It was impossible to enter the Park except at 72nd street and then one
> had to pass
> > through a long corridor of barricades. Many important areas of the park
> such as
> > Bethesda Fountain were barricaded with police and park employees standing
> guard.
> > This was not the case last week when the park was mostly open for the
> Zionists.
> >
> > In the park I ran into an old friend who is Puerto Rican. He was so angry
> about the
> > situation that he started yelling at the park employees behind the
> barricades, "Don't
> > let any Puerto Ricans in! They are savages!"
> This was probably because in the past the Puerto Rican parade in NYC
> has been marred by unruliness and disturbances:
> "The events that happened early in the evening of June 11 after the
> [Puerto Rican Day] parade ended on Fifth Avenue have caused
> consternation among the board members, Mr. Perez said. In frenzied
> attacks that attracted nationwide attention, hordes of young men, many
> of whom had attended the parade, groped about 60 women in the
> southeast corner of the park near 59th Street.
> "The police have charged 30 men in the attacks and are searching for 17
> others."
>    NYT, Aug 4, 2000
>    <
> http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F0CE2DC143CF937A3575BC0A9669C8B63
> >
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