[Marxism] Richardson advocates dialoque with Cuba, Venezuala

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Jun 9 20:22:38 MDT 2008

Eli Stephens writes:

> ""The embargo has been unsuccessful, but I would like Cuba
> also to move on, to be more democratic, act to release more
> political prisoners."
> Gosh it would be nice if pseudo-progressive politicians like Richardson
> would
> advocate releasing political prisoners...IN THE UNITED STATES!!
I doubt if the Cubans and Venezuelans - or, for that matter, the Iranians - 
will be as scornful or dismissive of Richardson's comments. I expect they'll 
view them in a positive light, as a further hint of a possible turn in 
foreign policy under Obama away from regime regime towards more normal state 
to state relations, potentially involving security guarantees and the 
lifting of sanctions. They'd regard Eli's remarks as irrelevant in this 
larger context.

The reference to democratization and political prisoners is mandatory 
boilerplate, although obviously the US, as part of any accomodation, would 
push for some measure of political change which strengthens the forces 
favourable to it in these countries. But that's a secondary consideration.

Of more interest is the wide recognition in the US and among its allies that 
American foreign policy needs to be retooled in its strategic interest, and 
Richardson's comments feed into that sentiment. The US turned to a strategy 
of peaceful detente and containment in its relations with both the USSR and 
China when it deemed the use of force to overthrow these regimes was no 
longer a realistic option. The Obama camp represents that (bipartisan) wing 
of the US bourgeosie which regards the Bush policies as having been 
profoundly destablizing and counter-productive, demonstrating American 
weakness rather than power, contrary to the expectations of the first term 
Bush zealots who invaded Iraq. Unless the Bush administration allows Israel 
to somehow draw it into war with Iran, this "soft power" tendency very much 
looks to be in the ascendent.

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