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The Chinese revolution was one of the most important events of the 
twentieth century. The victory of the revolution in 1949 was a major 
defeat for imperialism. The new Communist Party government carried out 
democratic measures such as land reform, and improved the conditions of 
workers and peasants through the spread of health care and literacy. It 
began expropriating industry, and within a few years had nationalised 
all capitalist enterprises. It proclaimed that the revolution had 
entered the socialist stage.

But the new state was bureaucratically distorted from its inception. The 
bureaucrats enjoyed substantial privileges. They repressed dissent 
amongst workers, peasants, students and intellectuals. And they engaged 
in violent power struggles amongst themselves, undermining the gains of 
the revolution.

Eventually the bureaucracy set out on the road of restoring capitalism. 
By 1992, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership had adopted a 
policy of restoring capitalist economic relations as the predominant 
relations of production.

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