[Marxism] Richardson advocates dialoque with Cuba, Venezuala

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 10 07:52:27 MDT 2008

You would think from this that Senator Obama has made
the wrong job application. Perhaps he should be running
for Revolutionary-Bolshevik-in-Chief, and not the job
he filed for, U.S. Imperialism's Commander-in-Chief.

Maybe Obama's critics are right, that the Senator in
question really should call freedom for Mumia and let's
not forget Leonard Peltier and the San Francisco 8 while
he's at it. Oh, I forgot, Obama should also call, very
strongly, for Freedom for the Five. And, please, let's
not forget the Secaucus Seven.

The truth is, Obama isn't pseudo-progressive, he actually
IS progressive, a vague and ambiguous term which mostly
signifies not a lot. But the key is that he represents a
wing of the ruling class which is fighting to re-orient 
US foreign policy toward a more balanced use of force and
politics than does the Bush administration, which relies
primarily on bludgeoning and force. In order to bring the
changes this wing seeks into practice, they need to put a
member of their team into position to implement the changes.

This requires that the candidate seek nomination and then
seek election so that they actually hold the office. Since
Obama seems to be serious about seeking the office so that
the changes can be put into place as actual policy. Were
Obama to start acting as the critical voices here propose,
he would not be able to get the nomination, not to speak 
of the election. 

The ultra-leftist criticists fault Obama for something he
doesn't claim to be: a revolutionary socialist who probably
would be a subscriber to e-mail discussion panels like this.

Those who are more comfortable saying everything would be
fine supporting Gloria LaRiva, Roger Calero or others who
run socialist propaganda campaigns. There's nothing wrong
with doing that. I've endorsed LaRiva in the past and the
SWP campaigns before that. This time I'm more enthuiastic
about Cynthia McKinney because she represents the possible
beginning of another kind of politics, truly progessive,
rooted in and led by and through the Black community. 

McKinney demonstrates a far more effective, nuanced and in
tune with the political moment way of differentiating her
approach to politics from that of Obama in her message to
Obama congratulating him on his nomination:

The critics would much prefer that Cuba remain poor, but
pure, untainted by any possibility that Cuba might maybe
be seduced as they fear China and Vietnam have been. As
Trotsky put it so well many decades ago, a sectarian is
really an opportunist afraid of his [sic] own shadow.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
> Gosh it would be nice if pseudo-progressive 
> politicians like Richardson would advocate 
> releasing political prisoners...IN THE UNITED STATES!!

     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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