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He could not have stopped  the war, closed Gitmo, restored the Constitution, 
prosecuted the Administration  criminals for war crimes, torture, treason, 
corruption and malfeasance all by  himself. But he could have at least tried to 
set the ball  rolling, using all the institutional instruments -- and popular 
acclaim  -- at his command to try to force action on these and other issues. 
But he did  not do so; he is not doing so now; and there is no reason to believe 
that he  will do so in the future, despite the eloquent lip service he 
occasionally pays  to one or two of these points.

Of course, I  can't predict the future. Anything is possible, and perhaps 
Obama will astound  us all with a new American revolution that will restore the 
Republic and  dismantle the vast military empire America has built over many 
decades. Perhaps  he will declare an end to the fraudulent "War on Terror" -- 
the use of massive,  nation-breaking military force, state terror, torture, 
rendition, secret  prisons, concentration camps, and Constitution-stripping 
tyranny -- to deal with  isolated groups of extremists that pose no existential 
threat to the United  States. Perhaps he will establish a "Truth Commission" to 
investigate and  prosecute the many high crimes of the Bush Administration. 
Perhaps he will  change his position on Iraq, and call for a genuine withdrawal of 
all American forces there. Perhaps he will  change his bellicose position on 
Iran, which he enunciated so forcefully to  AIPAC recently. Perhaps he will 
forthrightly condemn _the American-backed "regime change"  invasion of Somalia_ 
(http://www.chris-floyd.com/content/view/1503/135/) , which has created the 
worst  humanitarian disaster in the world (outside of Asia's recent natural 
disasters).  Perhaps instead of stoking fears about the non-existent "Social 
Security crisis"  -- _and attending to the many Wall Street  bankers and elitist 
lobbyists on his team_ (http://www.chris-floyd.com/content/view/1504/135/)  -- 
he will call  for the repeal of the draconian Bankruptcy Bill, he will shift 
billions of  dollars from the Pentagon to the rebuilding of New Orleans and the 
restoration  of the thousands upon thousands of refugees to their homes. 
Perhaps he will do  all these things, and more -- even though he has not given the 
slightest  indication whatsoever that this is what he would do in office. 

Rather, in many cases, the opposite is true. He  says he will do "everything, 
and I mean everything" to stop Iran from getting a  single nuclear bomb like 
the thousands in the American arsenal and the hundreds  in Israel's arsenal. 
He will take "no options" off the table in this feverish  quest, including, one 
can only assume, the Hillary-like "obliteration" of Iran  and its 70 million 
people. He has pledged to enlarge the American military  machine, already 
gorged to monstrous, unmanageable size by blood and corruption.  This in turn will 
guarantee the continued militarization of the American economy  and our 
foreign policy, geared toward the continual fomenting of "war and rumors  of war" 
to justify the all-devouring machine.  He pledges to continue the  "War on 
Terror," but to do it "better, smarter," and perhaps even expanding it  into 
Pakistan. He pledges to leave behind an unspecified number of American  troops in 
Iraq "and the region" -- forces that will continue to launch attacks  in that 
broken land, sowing more hatred, more blowback for America.

These are simply facts, drawn from Obama's  own speeches and position papers. 
What sort of "perspective" should we  take toward these facts? Should we 
squint real hard and pretend they're not  there? 
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"The world is a dangerous place to live, not  because of the people who are 
evil, but because of the people who don't do  anything about it." - Albert  

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