[Marxism] A socialist analysis of the value of the animalliberation movement

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jun 10 13:42:12 MDT 2008

Haines Brown wrote:
> But I hope others can offer their own (and better) suggestions why we
> should not be cruel to animals.

The first of the reasons you list is sufficient by itself to provide a
reason for opposing cruelty to animals. Such cruelty is indeed
brutalizing and as such destructive of human soliarity.

I find your second reason fascinating, but it is new enough to me that
I'm not prepared either to confirm or deny it. It's point of departure,
that human individuals are the result of human sociality is, I think,
wholly correct, and marks the prime difference between Marxian and
bourgeois anthropology and historiography.


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