[Marxism] Richardson advocates dialoque with Cuba, Venezuala

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 12:08:07 MDT 2008

"You would think from this that Senator Obama has made
the wrong job application. Perhaps he should be running
for Revolutionary-Bolshevik-in-Chief, and not the job
he filed for, U.S. Imperialism's Commander-in-Chief."

Walter, a long-time activist and strong supporter of the Cuban Five, really 
should know better. It's true that the LEADERSHIP of movements to free the Cuban 
Five, and Mumia, comes from Communists, as has the leadership of movements for 
justice for political prisoners going back to the Scottsboro boys and probably 
before. But one hardly has to be a Bolshevik, much less vying for the 
non-existent job of Bolshevik-in-Chief, to support justice for the Five, or 
Mumia, or Leonard, etc.

"The ultra-leftist criticists fault Obama for something he
doesn't claim to be: a revolutionary socialist who probably
would be a subscriber to e-mail discussion panels like this."

Out-and-out nonsense. NO ONE is faulting Obama for not being a revolutionary 
socialist. One does not have to be a revolutionary socialist to think, for 
example, that calling for an "undivided Jerusalem" under Israeli jurisdiction is 
an outrage. One does not have to be a revolutionary socialist to think, for 
example, that saying you'll do "everything in your power" to ensure that Iran 
doesn't get a nuclear weapon is an outrage.

"The critics would much prefer that Cuba remain poor, but
pure, untainted by any possibility that Cuba might maybe
be seduced as they fear China and Vietnam have been."

And this is outright slander, as Walter well knows.

"This requires that the candidate seek nomination and then
seek election so that they actually hold the office. Since
Obama seems to be serious about seeking the office so that
the changes can be put into place as actual policy. Were
Obama to start acting as the critical voices here propose,
he would not be able to get the nomination, not to speak
of the election."

Walter is right that a different Obama campaign (not kowtowing to right-wing 
Cubans, right-wing Israelis, and other reactionary forces) would probably make 
it less likely for him to be elected. But if he's laboring under the illusion 
that this is all a clever ruse to get himself elected before revealing his 
"real" positions, I suggest he brace himself for some serious disappointment.

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