[Marxism] Richardson advocates dialoque with Cuba, Venezuala

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Jun 10 16:36:26 MDT 2008

Eli writes:

Marv: "The fate of the Cuban political prisoners - or, more precisely, the
Democrats' failure to make it a campaign issue..."

Why do you and Walter have such a hard time with this? NO ONE suggested they
should "make it a campaign issue." There are many Democrats who are on
record as
opposing the embargo or opposing the travel ban; I doubt any of them have
it a campaign issue." There's a difference between taking a stand and making
something a campaign issue.
This is quibbling over words. You're suggesting it would be sufficient for
Obama to simply "make the record" once and then move on to other matters. We
shouldn't confuse your insistence about this issue with wanting Obama to
make it part of his campaign.

Fair enough, but it seems to be you place too much faith in what politicians
say or refuse to say in order to get elected. I wouldn't worship the
"record". It's a very malleable thing. It can be easily changed as
circumstances dictate. Obama, for example, was unconditionally against the
blockade prior to becoming a presidential candidate. He quickly switched
gears before the CANF, declaring his would maintain the embargo unless Cuba
freed its political prisoners. As president, he could well lift the embargo
if Cuba releases a token number of dissidents in exchange.That will depend
much less on what he said "on the record" back in May, 2008, than on whether
the US considers it is in it's own interests to end it - plain and simple.
He'll find the right words to put back on the record at that time. Trust me.

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