[Marxism] The uselessness of the term "peak oil"

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Jun 10 20:18:30 MDT 2008

> It is also true that in the state of Victoria
>(Melbourne region) the economy is built around
> cheap energy from dirty brown coal,

>It's actually probably slightly worse where I am.
>Western Queensland is basically one big massive coal
>seam (extending into New South Wales).

But that's hard coal isn't it? The Victorian deposits are much dirtier.

Note to Sartesian: I also oppose nuclear power.. Speaking of which our Prime 
Minister has resumed the push for a  nuclear waste dump, probably in the 
Northern Territory. An obstacle to that is Aboriginal land rights, but these 
have been badly damaged by the current federal "intervention" in the 
Territory. Speaking even more of which, Australia has a long, long history 
of a minority of the ruling class wanting nuclear weapons -- another problem 
with developing a nuclear capacity in this country. 

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