[Marxism] Does Peak Oil Theory Help the Bourgeoisie?

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Actually Louis, I did a little studying up the subject awhile ago.  Even 
wrote about, called "Hook, Line, and Purse Seine."    There is no argument 
that fishing practices have done serious damage to fish populations.  But 
that can and has been measured.  Actual oil reserves have not been 
accurately measured.  In this regard, oil is much more like a mineral than 
an organic living being.

There is no bottom scouring going on in oil production.  There is no decline 
in production and there is no decline in reserves.  Unlike actual depletion 
of certain fish stocks,  peak oil theory argues not from observable actions 
but from a theory and a curve, and the curve is not and has not been 

I am not arguing against conservation, alternate energy sources, or better 
treatment of animals.

But we ought to think about my earlier question.  Which explains the history 
of the oil industry, oil price movements, and US actions better since 1970? 
Peak oil theory or Marx's analysis of capital accumulation and rates of 
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