[Marxism] Michael Heinrich versus the crisis-mongerers

Dogan Gocmen dgn.gcmn at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 11 02:48:05 MDT 2008

Angelus Novus::

"Michael is certainly not somebody who would have much
regard for constructions such as "dialectical
materialism" or "historical materialism" or
interpreting Marx's collected works as constituing a
coherent system.  Michael also maintains that there is
a definite break between a work like the Parisian
Manuscripts and a work like _Capital_."

This is why I call him a social democrat. Michael Heinrich argument against dialectical and historical materialism aims at creating space for his argument to refer to state as an neutral institution, not an instrument in the hans of capitalists to protect the private ownership in the means of production, but that there are political measures of the state that support working classes. I think this is the old and ever returning illusionary argument of social democrat revisionism.

The claim that there is a break between early and later works of Marx in 
the sense that they contradict each other is a social democrat myth.

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