[Marxism] Karl Marx vs the crisis-deniers

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 01:23:20 MDT 2008

Steve Palmer:

> Heinrich's statement is pretty general and could be 
> given a number of conflicting interpretations.

I think he states rather unambiguously that crises are
an essential part of capitalism, not some aberration.

> You insult *me* in order to avoid responding to the 
> *point* I make.

I apologize if I was insulting.  I am not trying to
avoid anything, I was just frustrated by what I
perceived to be a series of cheap dismissals
("Schumpeterian", "Proudhonist", "Social Democrat")of
no substance.

> Doug is always interesting, but I don't necessarily 
> agree with everything he says. To use the argument 
> from authority is pretty desperate.

No, you misunderstand me.  I was not appealing to
Doug's authority, simply noting that he and Michael
have a similar perspective on the centrality of
finance for Marx's critique.  Both of them note that
there is too often a tendency among Marxists to view
production as the "real" sphere, while finance is
viewed as some sort of artificial superstructure.

That is why I was frustrated, because it seemed to me
you were attributing to Michael a position that is the
complete opposite of what he says.

Also, I want to return to something that Louis says:

> What relevance does it have for defending immigrant 
> workers? Or pushing for immediate withdrawal from 
> Iraq?

Louis, these are important questions, but they are not
questions to which we can find answers by reading
Marx.  However, I think we both agree that it is a
good thing to read Marx, to understand how capitalism
functions?  That does not mean that we can draw direct
political conclusions from our reading of _Capital_,
but at least we have a good sense of how the system

(The first issue you named, incidentally, is what I
think the central issue for communists in this period
is: open borders.  I think the demand for free
mobility of labor across nations is a non-negotiable
position that all communists should be behind, and
should not be compromising this (that is why I am not
in Die Linke).)


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