[Marxism] Michael Heinrich versus the crisis-mongerers

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 03:37:31 MDT 2008

Dogan Gocmen:

> Michael Heinrich argument against dialectical and 
> historical materialism

Concepts never mentioned by Marx, incidentally.  I
guess that makes Marx a social democrat as well.

> his argument to refer to state as an neutral 
> institution

What a joke.  You have obviously never read Heinrich
on the state.  If you can't even give an effort to
represent someone's arguments accurately, a discussion
is a waste of time.

> The claim that there is a break between early and 
> later works of Marx in the sense that they
contradict > each other

Who is talking about "contradiction"?  The
_problematic_ of late Marx is completely different
than the early Marx.  Notions in the Parisian
Manuscripts about a "human essence" do not emerge in
the later works at all, and the "alienation"
problematic is discarded completely.

It's not a question of "contradicting each other",
it's about abandoning one line of inquiry to pursue
another.  If I stop studying comparative literature
and pursue the study of physics, that doesn't mean
that physics contradicts literature, it means that the
questions I am posing are entirely different.

This will be my last post on this subject unless you
give a minimal effort to actually read Heinrich and
represent his arguments accurately.  Trying to
disabuse you of your religious beliefs is not my idea
of a fruitful discussion.


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