[Marxism] Michael Heinrich versus the crisis-mongerers

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Wed Jun 11 05:28:57 MDT 2008

Angelus Novus wrote:

> Dogan Gocmen wrote:
> > He is not more than a social democrat
> Amusingly enough, one of the house intellectuals of
> the DKP published a theoretical pamphlet with the
> title "Is Michael Heinrich a Social Democrat?".
> (those who know the DKP, for years a "left" appendage
> of the SPD, will know why that is so funny)

I guess you mean:

Holger Wendt,
Herrn Michael Heinrichs Umwälzung des Marxismus
Ein Berliner Politologe kritisiert die politische Ökonomie. Das Ergebnis hat mit Karl Marx nicht
viel zu tun.

While agreeing with your opinion about the DKP, this does not mean Holger Wendt does not have a point in arguing Michael Heinrich is not a Marxist, but stands in the reformist tradition of Bernstein in regard to the role of the state, the Neo-Kantians in his rejection of Hegelian dialectics or in the tradition of Kautsky in regards to the criticism of Lenin.

For what it is worth: Michael Heinrich's website is at:
English texts are at:

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