[Marxism] French bourgeoisie puffs up LCR Trotskyist

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 11 20:44:38 MDT 2008

I think it is to the credit of the PCF (French Communist Party), the trade union confederation they influence (the CGT) and a mass anti-racist, civil rights organization Droit Devant ! (Rights Now) that they organized a number of successful strikes in April & May for the legalization of the workers involved in them.  The CGT also had a contingent of these workers, called in French "sans papiers" lead their contingent in the MayDay Marches.  

The LCR did give these strikes some verbal support.

I would dispute any claim that the CGT is primarily an organization of intellectuals.

I looked at about 10 minutes of the TV show vivement dimanche (Sunday Living).  It was pretty fatuous.

If I get a chance tomorrow, I'll translate the French quotes.  

>Anyway, the point is simply that French media are giving enormous 
>attention to the "revolutionary" Olivier Besancenot, along the lines of 
>"isn't he cute?".
>Popular magazine covers, hour-long television interviews, admiring 
>articles and so on.
>This is obviously for two reasons:
>(1)  He is harmless.  His vague call for an "anticapitalist" party does 
>not contain any practical program.  He talks about legalizing all the 
>undocumented workers, a project which is certainly not popular with most 
>of the working class, but appeals to leftist intellectuals.  He does not 
>make an issue of France's alignment with the United States and Israel in 
>Middle East wars.

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