[Marxism] work - ability - needs

Sky Keyes-Vogt skeyesvogt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 12:51:31 MDT 2008

I had always heard it as "... according to their needs," this was the first
time I ever heard/read someone say "..according to their work."

Also, marx prefaces the entire statement by saying that he is referring to
"... a higher phase of communist society."  My understanding of Cuba is that
it is in a transitional socialist state that would need to be aided and
joined by other socialist revolutions for all of them to reach a "higher
phase of communist society."  Maybe this is just semantics regarding the
'socialist' vs. 'communist' labels, but at the very least Marx noted that it
would be "a higher phase."  I dont think any of us here think that Cuba is
in a high phase of communism, even though many of us (including myself) look
at it as the most advanced nation on earth due to its socialist nature.

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